Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Functions and Powers of EWURA CCC
EWURA Consumer Consultative Council (EWURA CCC) is a Council established under Article 30 of the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Act, 2001 Cap 414. The objective of EWURA CCC is to safeguard the interests of Consumers of EWURA regulated services which are namely, Water, Sanitation, Electricity, Petroleum and Natural Gas. Functions and powers of the Council are stipulated as:
§  representing the interests of consumers by making submissions to, providing views and information to and consulting with, EWURA, the Minister, and sector Ministers;
§  receiving and disseminating information and views on matters of interest to consumers of regulated goods and services;
§  establishing and consulting with regional, local and sector consumer committees and;
§  consulting with industry, government and other consumer groups on matters of interest to consumers of regulated goods and services.
Establishment of Regional Consumer Committees of EWURA CCC
Pursuant to section 31(1)(c) of the Act (Cap 414), the EWURA CCC is required to establish Regional Consumer Committees (RCCs) to work and consult with.
Application for Appointment to Regional Consumer Committees
EWURA CCC wishes to invite applications from the general public for appointment to the RCC of the Council. There are 5 vacant positions in each of the 26 regions of Mainland Tanzania.
 Requirement and Eligibility
  • Members constituting the regional consumer committees are expected to have adequate knowledge and understanding of the interests of consumer and that of the regulated services, including the interest of:-
a)    low income, rural and disadvantaged persons;
b)    industrial and business users;
c)    government and community organization.
Further, such members must be:
  • willing and available to serve on voluntary basis;
  • members of reputable community based organizations (CBOs), registered residents associations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  • residents of the Regions they wish to volunteer;
  • literate;
  • of sociable character, able to interact constructively with people of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds; and
  • aged above 18.
Individuals who meet the above criteria but are not members of any of the above social groups, NGOs, CBOs may still apply. Note, however, that applicants with experience in voluntary community service and nominees of the social groups mentioned above shall have added advantage.
Women are encouraged to apply.
Applications enclosing copies of relevant certificates and curriculum vitae (CV) should clearly indicate the names of the applicants, addresses, contact telephone numbers and emails. The envelope should be marked on top “APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT TO THE REGIONAL CONSUMER COMMITTEES OF EWURA CCC" to be addressed to: -
The Executive Secretary,
EWURA Consumer Consultative Council (EWURA CCC),
Second Floor, Infotech Building, Plot 565 Kawe Beach, Mwai Kibaki Road,
P.O. Box 72175
The application should reach him on or before Friday, 31th May 2017 at 1700hrs.

Applicants who won’t hear from us two (2) weeks after the deadline of applications should consider their applications unsuccessful.


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