Monday, 13 February 2017

Sunderland Football Club, SAFC’s head of international football development, Graham Robinson, (L), Nyang’wale District Sports Officer Simon Shija receiving a certificate from Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Limited, (BGML), General Manager Graham Crew, during the event. On his right is Acacia Mining Plc General Manager for Sustainability, Noreen Dube.
Sunderland Football Club, SAFC’s head of international football development, Graham Robinson, (L), and Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Limited, (BGML), General Manager Graham Crew, handing over certificate and sports session training manual to a Sports Coach Lady during the graduation event. On right is Acacia Mining Plc senior officials Noreen Dube and Bgml Community Relations Section Leader, Sara Ezra Teri.
Acacia Bulyanhulu Gold Mine has awarded 59 sports teachers and local coaches from Msalala and Nyang’wale districts Sunderland Football Club Coaching Certificates of Attendance after completing their coaching training this month at Bugarama village.
The coaches come from 12 villages surrounding Bulyanhulu Gold Mine. They received a weekly Sunderland Football Club coaching course and successfully participated in various training sessions since October 2016. All the candidates qualified for an international coaching certificate of attendance from Sunderland Football Club (SAFC).
Speaking during the presentation ceremony, Bulyanhulu Gold Mine General Manager Graham Crew urged the coaches to prove their new skills by utilizing them to improve their performances both in their daily life routines in addition to football and netball activities.
SAFC’s head of international football development, Graham Robinson said the coaches have learned a lot such as football master lessons on dribbling techniques, possession, shooting, passing and ball control.
“I am very impressed with the commitment of Nyang’wale and Msalala sports teachers during the training, I have also conducted the on and off-the-pitch lessons to help the coaches and clubs in financial planning and budgeting for a more sustainable environment of players and clubs’ staffs.” Said Graham.
Commenting on the achievements of the sports coach education outreach programs, the BGML Community Relations Section Leader Sara Ezra Teri said, “In line with the Acacia Sustainable Communities Strategy, this partnership between Acacia and Sunderland AFC has played a great role in promoting social cohesion between the mine and its surrounding communities, especially here at Bulyanhulu. We have received great support from both Msalala and Nyang’hwale districts, who dedicated their sports officers for duration of one week when these courses were being delivered. There has also been great demand from the sporting community to join the course.”
Florence Urassa from Busindi Primary School Netball Club said, “Before this training we were not really professional coaches as we were just using the informal knowledge we gathered from informal setups but after receiving training from the Sunderland FC’s international trainer, we are now confident that we can develop sports careers in our communities.”
Kihamba Zablon a sports teacher from Kakola B primary school said, “Before this training session I was not interested on sports at all but after attending this training I have deveped great interest in teaching kids at my school about sports and I have learned a lot on not only sports but as well on how to improve my teaching performance as a teacher.”
Speaking on behalf of Nyang’wale and Msalala District government the Nyang’wale District Sports Officer Simon Shija said, “We would like to convey our sincere appreciation to Acacia Bulyanhulu and Sunderland Fc for the sessions we have attended that has lifelong benefits for our people in the districts and all we need now is to put what we have learned into practice. Teachers and coaches have learned how to develop business ideas to generate income for the clubs and how to create business plans to support the running of clubs.”

Last year, Acacia Mining PLC entered into partnership with Sunderland AFC to support the development of sports careers in rural communities near Acacia mine site through coaching sessions to identified villages coaches and schools sports teachers.



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