Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November 25th is the International Day for the elimination of Violence against women in the world. The 16 days up to December 10th the Human Rights Day is a period of global activism dedicated to fight gender violence in all settings.
UZIKWASA, an organization based in Pangani, Tanzania has become known for its innovative interventions that encourage a voice among rural communities and the development of capable grass roots leaders who are committed to fight gender rights violations in Pangani.
UZIKWASA’s multimedia work that has addressed violence against women and girls (VAWG) includes:
-Pangani FM radio programs
*Leadership that Touches (UongoziwaMguso)
*Womens’ Voice (Sauti ya Mwanamke)
-Feature films
*Fimboya Baba (Father’s Stick: Early and forced marriage)
*Chukua Pipi (Sweet deceit, sexual abuse of school children)
*AISHA (Gang rape)
-Comic books
* Varangati
*Halafu series
*AISHA book
-Forum Theatre and Theatre for Development
-A series of TV spots
On December 2 UZIKWASA will participate in the 16 days of activism by launching theMinna Dada Day, abig bang event to create awareness on VAWGin Pangani District.The campaign is designed to start a deep reflection process among the Pangani people and their leaders about atrocities committed against women and girls including Intimate Partner violence.
Minna dada introductory TV Spot

The following four “Minna Dada” TV spots paint a picture of how intimate partner violence affects the lives of local Pangani women. Cinema Zetu of AZAM TV will broadcast the four spots during the next four months.
1.Economic exploitation of women by their male partners

2. Rape in marriage

3.Male partners hindering women to access leadership position

4.Emotional violence through public humiliation


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